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of young people at the 412 Youth Zone 

"When I first stepped in the door at the 412 Youth Zone, I instantly said 'Wow!' It felt like a weight just pulled off of me. It felt like all my worries from the outside were left outside and that I was now in a safe and positive environment. They welcome you with open arms and there are no words for it.
It's awesome." - Cierra B.

The 412 Youth Zone

The 412 Youth Zone is a safe and welcoming one-stop center for young people ages 16-23 that are transitioning out of the foster care system and are eligible for independent living services or are experiencing unstable housing.


The 412 Youth Zone was envisioned by the Allegheny County Department of Human Services. The Zone is designed for youth to gain stability, build positive relationships, learn life skills, meet basic needs, foster creative expressions and be guided on the right path towards a brighter future. The 412 Youth Zone is a place where our youth can feel a sense of fun and belonging and an opportunity for our staff, volunteers and 80+ community partners to make a long-lasting impact on their futures. The 412 Youth Zone goal is to help youth become independent self-sufficient adults.

Services Offered at the 412 Youth Zone

Life Skills

The Arts

Housing Counseling


Legal Aid


Childcare and Parenting Support

Medical Health and Behavioral Health

Workforce Training

412 Youth Zone Success

youth currently on the 412 Youth Zone roster



community partners that provide services


young people visit the 412 Youth Zone daily

"Bringing together 74 partners, Auberle’s 412 Youth Zone is helping youth aging out of the foster care system gain stability, heal from childhood trauma and become apart of a community."
--Jen Lewis, 412 Youth Zone Coach Manager

Contact the 412 Youth Zone

Auberle's 412 Youth Zone

304 Wood Street

5th and 6th Floor

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Main Lobby and Reception:



Regina Tvaruzek

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