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Streamlining Programs to Empower Youth Transitioning into Adulthood

Auberle’s new initiative, Transition Age Youth Services, is a streamlined approach to preparing youth to leave foster care and transition into thriving adults. Comprised of five programs that previously operated independently, it will cultivate a more efficient and empowering experience for the young people we serve.

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412 Youth Zone, Crawford County Independent Living, Ward Home Male and Female Supervised Independent Living Programs, and the My Best Self Program are the five programs that have been unified into Transition Age Youth Services.

“By bringing these programs together under one department, we’re improving communication, collaboration, and the overall transition experience for our youth,” said Aimee Plowman, director of Transition Age Youth Services. “The programs can now work together more effectively, giving young people the tools they need to be their own best self-advocates in life.”

These programs serve more than one thousand young people ages 14 – 24 each year. We provide guidance and support for milestones like learning to drive, acquiring a state ID, and also life-changing professional and personal skills like conflict resolution, relationship-building, and how to make important life decisions. In addition, the department collaborates closely with Auberle’s housing program, mental health services, and Employment Institute (EI).

“Many of our transition age youth engage in therapy services through Auberle in one-on-one and group settings,” Aimee shared. “We also refer many youth to the EI for job readiness skills, training certifications, and more. Case managers and coaches work collaboratively to ensure we’re connecting youth with services that empower them to reach their full potential.”

Auberle also organizes unique, exciting experiences for transition age youth — like group trips to Chicago, day trips to Cedar Point, and a visit to PPG Paints Arena to enjoy a hockey game. Excursions like this are only made possible through the collaboration and efficiency of these five programs, which now operate cohesively.

“When people hear about these experiences, they often think, ‘That sounds like fun, I bet they really enjoy it.’ That’s certainly true, but there’s more to it than that,” Aimee explained. “We organize days like this to help our youth understand they’re worthy of these experiences. They deserve to be part of the world in all the ways they dream about. So in addition to being a lot of fun, these special events build self-esteem.”

Taking this streamlined approach enables us to expand these life-changing experiences in exciting ways, continuing to help transition age youth grow into their best selves.