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the future of giving: in good hands

June 2021

Anya Ekbote, Senior at Upper St. Clair High School, is on a mission to make a difference. Anya has a lot on her plate lately: she is in school full time, applying to college, is a member of several clubs including student council, and is a member of a competitive dance team.This busy schedule did not stop her from becoming involved in Auberle’s recent fundraising appeal through the Critical Needs Alert on August 3.

Anya became interested in helping others at a young age. Growing up, she recalls her family donating gifts to children in need each holiday season. More recently, when her father, Sundeep Ekbote, joined the board at Auberle, she decided to find out more about the organization. After learning about the many programs Auberle provides to the community, Anya became especially interested in helping youth in foster care. Soon after joining the JOY Club during her junior year, a club whose goal it was to help serve youth in foster care, COVID struck and made in-person volunteer work impossible. The group decided to pivot to fundraising for youth in foster care, so when her dad told her about Auberle’s fundraising appeal through the Critical Needs Alert, she knew exactly what to do. Now the president of the JOY Club, Anya decided to involve the club in creating a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign with a goal of raising $1000. Using their connections on Facebook and Instagram, Anya and her parents shared the campaign among friends and family. Through her hard work and passion, Anya was able to meet and surpass her fundraising goal!

Here at Auberle, we are so impressed with Anya’s dedication to serving her community and grateful for her time and effort in raising funds to benefit the individuals and families we serve each day. Anya was able to utilize the incredible power of social media, a strong network of family and friends, and a passion for helping ot

hers to create a real impact on her community.

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