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Love carries: a true story of love and hope

There are more than 400,000 children in foster care on any given day in

the United States. In Allegheny County alone, there are approximately

1,300 children and teens placed out-of-home at any one time. While it may

seem like an impossible problem to tackle, the truth is, one willing heart

can help provide each child in need with love, safety, and a home. As the

largest non-kinship Foster Care program in Allegheny County, Auberle

works to connect children and youth with families with one thing in

common – a loving heart.

At Auberle, we understand the love, time, and commitment it takes to care

for a child. Our foster parents are champions who make sacrifices to

provide hope and security for children and youth in need, and we believe

there is no one foster family alike. We embrace the uniqueness of all

families as we embrace the differences of all the children and youth we


For former Auberle foster parent, Bekah, caring for children came naturally

as she has been a teacher for many years. At the age of 45, Bekah had

hoped to have children of her own, but believed she could still open her

heart to care for children in need of a home. After learning about the foster

program at Auberle through former coworkers, Bekah was eager to begin

her journey as a foster parent herself and became certified in February of


At the beginning of March, Bekah was excited to welcome a 16-month-old

baby boy to her home, and cared for him for three months until he was

reunited with his father.

Shortly after, Bekah received a call to assist with providing temporary

respite care to twins being cared for by a friend. Excited to help, Bekah

opened her home again and began caring for the pair. Bekah was

dedicated to ensuring the children maintained a relationship with their

birth family and continued to participate in Auberle foster parent support

groups, communicated regularly with their grandparents, and ensured

they attended scheduled visits with their birth mother.

As their story continues, Bekah’s love for the twins has carried them to

permanency. She is honored to play such an important role in their lives as

she feels they have also changed her life forever expressing, “they are the

most amazing babies.”

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