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10 Self-Care Tips to Surviving Winter

Tips and information provided by Select Health.

Winter may make 5:00 p.m. look like midnight and make you long for summertime. Regardless of the woes winter can bring, there are several ways to care for yourself (especially your mental health) during this season of shorter days. Here are just a few ideas:

Go outside, really

Whether you go outside for a full-on cardio session or just for a short walk through nature, sunlight and the winter air might be just what the doctor ordered to help you “chill” out.

Keep a gratitude journal

There are many benefits to keeping a gratitude journal, especially when the winter blues settle in. Gratitude can improve your mood, your self-esteem, and your all-around positivity.

Hydrate your body

The winter air can act like a moisture vacuum placed on your skin. Make sure you’re using lotion and moisturizer to hydrate those dry, flaky areas. Drinking enough water each day is also a necessity you shouldn’t neglect.

Treat yourself

After a long day of shivering and sniffling, sometimes you just need to give yourself a break and indulge in a sweet treat—like hot cocoa. As it turns out, can do a lot more good for your body than just warming it up!

Let there be light

Unfortunately, the winter months may cause many people to experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a condition that mimics the symptoms of depression due to lack of sunlight and vitamin D. To combat SAD, try taking a vitamin D supplement, or trying light therapy.

Move your body

As we all know, exercise is important year-round—especially during winter. And exercising in colder temperatures can actually torch more calories than normal. But if hypothermia-inducing cardio isn’t your cup of tea, try exercising indoors. There are so many indoor workouts you can do in your living room!

Take a bubble bath

When is the last time you actually took the time to soak in the tub while reading a book? Add some Epsom salt or some bubbles and just give your body time to warm up in the cozy goodness. You’ll thank yourself later.

Slow down

Winter brings the hustle of the holiday season and can add stress to your day. So, a few times a week, wrap yourself up in a blanket and just take ten or 15 minutes to wind down and simply be in the moment—this is a great way to reset your brain. If you need help meditating, there are many online resources to help you get started.

Surround yourself with good people

What does goodness look like to you? Friends? Family? Your three dogs? Whatever it may be, be sure to prioritize quality time with things that bring you joy.

Pursue your passion

Whatever you’re interested in, whether it’s painting, music, or something else entirely, invest time in it. Winter can be a great time to pursue new hobbies and really discover the things that you enjoy.

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