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of people in our community

Our Programs Change Lives

Everything we do at Auberle is about building stronger individuals, families and communities. We help people find positive solutions to very difficult problems. We help families heal and learn so they can stay together. We help children who have experienced trauma feel safe and loved. We help teens come into their own as successful, responsible adults. 


To achieve stronger communities, we first seek to understand what has happened to those around us and the environment in which we work. Then, with inspired thinking, bold action and compassion, a leap forward is possible.


Auberle is effective. We know this because we benchmark ourselves regionally and nationally and measure everything we do.

Our Impact

  • Launched 5 new programs; including School Based Mental Health at Duquesne Elementary School, Student Assistance Program at Bethel Park High School, At Home Rapid Rehousing, Integrated Rapid Rehousing and Family Emergency Shelter 

  • Assumed Food Service operations at Catholic Charities' St. Joseph House of Hospitality for their 60 residents with immediate impact; meals served increased by 25%. The Employment Institute will now provide cooking classes, job training and a host of other services to the residents. 

  • 105 young graduates earned their GED, high school diploma or degree from college or trade school. 

  • In the last Fiscal Year and in our first year of housing services, we placed 18 families into permanent housing. 

  • Auberle is the largest Foster Care provider in Allegheny County for children of all ages.

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