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2022 - 2025 Strategic Plan

The Auberle Strategic Plan for 2018-2021 was overwhelmingly achieved despite the unimaginable world pandemic that hit the US with a vengeance in Spring of 2020. We were able to pivot as needed, quickly evaluate priorities, and ultimately achieve strategic objectives that weren’t even on the radar. It was a bold, ambitious plan with 60 Strategic Objectives in four key areas: Programs; People; Tools and Processes; and Operations and Sustainability. We are proud to report that despite all of the hurdles and curves thrown our way by the Covid pandemic over the last 2 years we achieved 92% of the objectives. At Auberle, our staff continues to focus on not just surviving but thriving.

The sense of stability that seemed to emerge in late 2021 allowed us to begin thinking about developing a new plan, one that in part will seek to make the numerous positive Covid innovations part of our operating DNA, while helping us adapt to a very changed environment.


This strategic plan followed the same bottom-up approach that we have used for the last two plans. We gathered input from front line staff, managers, directors, and board directors. In addition to these internal groups, we also collected insights from regional and national best practices. We worked closely with Allegheny County Department of Human Services (ACDHS) and analyzed data collected by their “Data Analysis, Research and Evaluation” (DARE) team in addition to our data collected through our Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) process.

The plan sets out four areas of emphasis: Services, Human Capital, Operations and Sustainability, and Board. In each of the major areas, we have agreed upon the Strategic Initiative and the priority goals that need to be accomplished or explored more deeply. In keeping with nonprofit best practices, the strategic plan will continue to serve as a living document that will be regularly and purposefully monitored, evaluated, and revised as necessary to most effectively advance Auberle’s mission.

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