In-Home Services: Family Preservation

In-Home Services program provides in-home counseling to families at risk of having at least one of their children removed from their care. Our ultimate goal is to keep families together and keep children safe.


Auberle staff visits the family in their home to work on whatever issues are putting their children at risk. Together, the family, county officials and Auberle staff agree on the goals to be worked on.  Some examples of those goals are: preventing eviction or homelessness, reinstating utilities, ensuring there is adequate food for the family, addressing truancy, addressing child medical needs, addressing domestic violence and improving parenting skills.  Auberle staff works with the family for approximately 30 days by providing resources and the skills to achieve the goals and avert crisis in the future.  

Meet Our Team!

For more information about Auberle's In-Home Services, contact Lisa McCorkle. In-Home Program Manager at 412-673-5856 ext. 2015 or by email at